Self Tanning Routine + How To Get A Natural Looking Tan

I've wanted to sit down and write this post for a while now, so here I am.. finally doing it :)

If you are a regular around here, you know my extreme aversion to the color orange. It all started with Chris allowing me to leave the house with a foundation shade that made me resemble a cheeto. To which he responded "I thought you were trying something new". Okay Chris, sure. Anyways, I LOVE being tan. I have always felt my best with a little color on my skin, and I used to religiously lay out in the sun.

I still love me some sunshine and getting a "real" tan with that Vitamin D, but too much is never a good thing, and what else is a girl to do in the winter?!

I was introduced to Bondi Sands via an ad on Instagram one day and decided to order. First, let me say this is not sponsored, and Bondi Sands has never reached out to me to gift product or sponsor a post. This is just the product I have found to work for me after trying so many.

Anyways, I ended up loving the Liquid Gold formula. This is non-transferring, which means you can put your clothes on and go after letting your skin dry a few minutes. The only downside to this particular product is that the tan won't develop immediately. So, if seeing the color as you apply is a deal breaker for you, I would suggest the tanning foam. You can see where the color goes on as you apply!

Liquid Gold creates such a real "tan" color, and I love that I never end up looking orange. (Except if I go too hard on those IG filters ;) Plus, it has never once rubbed off on my clothing, sheets, or furniture so thats a huge plus for me!

How I apply and keep my tan looking good -

First, I start by removing all leftover tan, and even if I don't have any on my skin at the time, I always start by exfoliating really really good. Like, really good y'all. You've got to make your skin super soft if you want a natural, even tan. I use St Tropez Tan Enhancing Polish.

After exfoliating, shave. I do it in this order, because I will break out a little if I do it the opposite way around!

Next, you'l want to moisturize like it's going out of style honey. All over. Not just your elbows, knees and ankles. I use St Tropez Tan Enhancing Moisturizer. This works really well with self tanners to moisturize without making you sticky (because your skin needs to be dry to apply tanner) and the formula does not interfere with your tanners. I notice whenever I used a scented lotion thinking it would counteract the self tanner smell, my tan always ended up streaky and orange. This moisturizer is formulated to work best with self tanners so I purchased and ended up loving it! I apply all over, and apply extra to my feet!

After my skin is super moisturized, and I let that sink in for a bit, I use my tanning mitt to apply the Liquid Gold. (You can use any tanning mitt you want! I have the St Tropez ones!) I start by spraying the product directly onto the mitt instead of my skin, to get a light coverage. Then, I spray the tanner directly onto my skin, farthest away from my hands, feet, knees and elbows. Really anywhere that tanner can build up quickly, I stay far away from those places.

Once I've got everything smoothed out and covered, I use the leftover product on the mitt and lightly swipe my elbows, knees, hands, wrists and feet. Remember, VERY LIGHTLY. Never apply product directly to your skin in those areas, always spray onto mitt first or just use what is leftover on the mitt already! You can always add more, but it's a pain in the ass to fix if you use too much at first.

I never apply tanner to my face. I like my face to be a little lighter than my body, I feel it looks the most natural and flattering. Plus, you can always use bronzer and foundation to match your body more, but a streaky orange face is never cute. I did however, just order the Coola Anti Aging sunless tanner serum to try on my face! Will update when I receive and use for a little bit :)

Making my tan last -

I keep moisturized while I have my self tanner on, and re apply my self tanner once more on the second day after initial tan. I won't tan again until I've exfoliated everything off to start again. I found that more than 2 applications starts to look dirty on me!

Your tan is going to gradually fade anyways, so lightly exfoliating a few times throughout that time will help it look more natural and not patchy.

I hope this post was helpful! Love y'all!


St Tropez Tan Enhancing polish and moisturizer \\ Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Self Tanner

Equipment Blouse (Currently 25% off!)  \\ Rag & Bone denim shorts (currently 25% off) \\ Chanel slingbacks \\ Kayu tote \\ Janessa Leone hat \\ 

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Wedding Planning Is Officially Here

Wedding planning is in full effect over here! Ah, I'm so excited to finally share this journey and experience with all of you. It's been a long time coming, and we are finally in a place where it all makes sense for us. Traditional, we are not. Yet, I respect everyones different opinions and understand that everyone has a different life with different beliefs.

The date is set for September 8th, 2018.

We've got a lot of work to do in the backyard and the barn to get everything ready, but knowing that our work and effort that goes into this will be enjoyed for more than one day makes it all incredibly worth it. Our backyard has some great bones, and i'll admit we are very fortunate when it comes to that!

Painting the fencing, gardening and landscaping, and really just cleaning everything up is our main priority right now. Finding a dress is next on the list, and I'm so excited for my first appointment! Our wedding will be very casual, and bohemian so I want a dress that reflects that as well as my personal style.

The setting will be string lights, Turkish vintage rugs, lots of flowers, and candles spread throughout making a very enchanting evening.

Can't wait to share more with all of you! Thank you for being here, I love y'all!


Anthropologie blouse c/o \\ AG denim (sold out!) similar style here that I love!  \\ Wedges \\ David Yurman cable bracelet \\ Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in "Bitch Perfect"

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Fresh Spring Beauty

I'm so excited to share today's post with you guys, because I have partnered with Wal Mart to create a "No Makeup" makeup look with tons of really great, and affordable products! With a bonus of tips to getting your skin glowing for Spring and the warmer weather quickly approaching.

I wanted to find a very natural foundation that would set the perfect healthy base, and ended up trying Burt's Bees Goodness Glows. This blended right into my skin seamlessly without even needing to use a blender or brush so I thought that was the perfect touch to this "no makeup" makeup routine!

Next, brighten up your under eye area with the E.L.F lightweight concealer stick. If you use a little bit of a brighter shade, this can really help bring your eyes to life with this makeup look. (But don't go too light!) This concealer is very lightweight and perfect for this job.

After your liquid and cream products are finished, lightly set your face with Airspun loose face powder. I picked up the translucent extra coverage formula, and after trying this I almost fell on the floor you guys! Seriously, such an amazing buy and I had no idea it was this great. The scent alone is one of my favorite scents... it's bringing me back to something I just can't put my finger on it! Anyone know what I'm talking about? ha ha! Anyways, you definitely need to try this!

My favorite way to create a "no makeup" look is with a pinky blush and rose gold highlighter to play off the pink. I chose Burt's Bees blush in "Shy Pink" and Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter in "Rose Gold". This highlight did not disappoint. Blended right into my skin without sitting on top, and left such a gorgeous glow. Definitely a must for this look.

If you're like me and you feel more confident leaving the house with a bit of bronzer to warm you're face up, then you're in luck! I've actually been dying to try the Physicans Formula Butter Bronzer, and I can't believe this is my first time! It blended right into my skin, and I love the color. (I'm shade "Light Bronzer")

Okay we are in the final few steps here! Hang with me for a little longer!

After filling in my brows a little bit for a more natural look, I took my Maybelline The Nudes eye palette and started with the lightest matte shade all over the eyelid, and then the lightest brown shade in my crease blending out really well and into the outer corner! Remember this is a very natural look, so we aren't going too crazy with the eyes, but I know sometimes I feel more confident with eyeliner, so take the darkest shade in the palette with a small smudge brush to line your lash line! Lastly, take the lightest shimmer shade for the inner corner to brighten up your eyes.

All thats left is your favorite mascara, setting spray, and a swipe of color on your lips - I mixed Neutrogena Hyrdo Boost in "Soft Blush" and Burt's Bees gloss lip crayon in "Outback Oasis" on top :)

Now, onto a glowing skin routine that'll add gradual color and keep you super hydrated. First, start by exfoliating your skin with Shea Moisture Hand & Body scrub. The Coconut and Hibiscus smells absolutely delightful and left my skin feeling really soft, while firming and toning. Exfoliation preps your skin to be hydrated and then you've got the perfect base to start a tan!

I've always used Jergens Natural Glow, but recently found a different formula that also firms and reduces the appearance of cellulite in as little as 7 days, so I grabbed that real quick!

My tip to complete the look for a bronzed and lit from within glow? Dust a bit of bronzer on your chest, and/or down your arms (if your outfit permits) and then apply highlighter to your collar bone area and shoulders!

That's all for today my loves! I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did, leave me a comment down below with your favorite part! 

Thank you to Walmart for partnering on this post!
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Transitioning Into Spring Weather with Paige Denim

Spring has sprung, y'all! 

I know I had a jump start on spring shopping, but now that it's the first official day of spring I've got my mind on cute pieces to transition into warmer weather. For us here in the south, it's cold in the mornings, warm in the afternoon and then chilly again in the evening. Which makes things pretty difficult and a bit confusing when getting dressed. 

Then the other day, a lightbulb lit up in my brain and I remembered how much I loved my boyfriend style denim. They are perfect to style with a blouse and pop over a jacket for the chilly moments. You guys know I like to keep things more casual so I styled my Paige denim with my adidas sneakers and my favorite polka dot blouse (again). Sorry, I can't stop wearing this top. I love it dressed up and dressed down with these jeans and sneaks! Technically, this pair of denim was named a straight leg, but in my opinion they fit more like a boyfriend jean. I'm wearing my usual denim size, but could have sized down for a closer fit.

I'm honored to be partnering with Paige on behalf of Bloomingdales on this post to share my favorite denim for spring, and don't worry if boyfriend style isn't your cup of tea - try these white ankle skinny jeans that fit like a glove and would be perfection for spring and summer. You can check out the rest of the Paige denim line at Bloomingdales here

Equipment blouse \\ Paige denim \\ Adidas sneakers \\ Maje leather jacket purchased in-store at Bloomingdales 

Thank you to Bloomingdales for sponsoring this content!

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Floral Denim Jacket

My gosh, did anyone else have a hectic and busy day yesterday? We finally had the master bedroom painted, Bye Bye purple gray walls! I feel like I was just constantly doing something without a second... Laundry, mopping, cooking, and I'd say almost the entire day was spent outside with the kids. It was chilly, but not windy and really sunny so it was the perfect day. I'll say the one thing I didn't do was clean that damn kitchen.. and it's still a disaster as I type this. It's okay though, I've only got enough time to write this before my kids cheerio bowl runs dry and then I've got mom duties all day... or until someone takes a nap :) 

(Rare photo of the kids playing TOGETHER in ONE jeep) 

If you saw my stories last night, then you saw Madelyn playing "baseball" with Chris, and I was SO proud because she's pretty damn good! Chris got home from work at 5 and immediately took the kids outside so I could have a little time to get myself dressed and together. I bet our painter thought I was a whacko judging by the way my hair and outfit looked all day while he was here. LOL.

I'm so stoked for this time change, and the fact that Chris now has a job where he doesn't get home at 8, so we can spend time together as a family before dinner and bed! I swear this has done wonders for my mental health. It was pretty rough there for a while living in Florida. I keep saying this life is the life I've always waited for and dreamed of.

I literally got an email saying my light fixture shipped in this photo.. HA HA! Thanks again for helping me decide!! I can't freaking wait to get our bedroom finished and for once I feel like I've got my decorating ideas down, and I'm truly choosing things I love instead of trying to copy something I saw on Pinterest. 

For those of you asking, here are the links to the chandeliers I shared on Instagram - 

I'm pretty sure this is in my top 5 favorite outfits I've ever put on. Not once did I  second guess myself and it made me SO happy. I've been living in these jeans since the weekend, and honestly you can't beat them for $88!! 

I actually bought this knit sweater months ago and never wore it bc I couldn't style it in a way that I felt confident... until this jacket arrived at my doorstep last night and all was right in the world. Seriously, Floral AND denim? Come on. DONE & DONE! Yes! 

The floral material is super soft, and I love the cropped style. I can wear this with my athletic outfits, sweatpants, over a sundress... everything. SO excited for this one, and I haven't even told you the best part yet. You can wear all of your dolman sleeve tops and sweaters with it! You know those cute tops that won't fit into your jackets and coats? Now they do! Winning, y'all.

Anyways, are you a fan of this look? I loved feeling cute and comfortable while playing with the kids. Definitely going to be an outfit I keep in mind to throw on and go without having to take the time to plan something out. 

As always, thank you for taking the time to stop by here!! 


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I Can't Believe It's Already March: Life Lately

This past weekend was the last of the amazing weather we experienced. We went from sundresses to sweatshirts again, and I feel like it happened overnight! Almost all of the beautiful, white blooms on the Bradford Pear trees lining the driveway have fallen off and are now pretty much entirely green. Still fluffy and full nonetheless. Which is always a nice sight to see after the winter months when everything is bare and lifeless! 

Can you tell I love nature? I grew up spending most of my life outdoors with my brother, and now I get to do the same with my kids. Our house has a garden in the backyard with planter boxes that I am SO ready to get growing. The other day I stopped over at Home Depot to browse and plan things out. I've decided gardening and plants will be my new hobby. A healthy and productive hobby that gives me joy is something that I really need. I struggle A LOT with anxiety, and my job is highly dependent on being present on social media, which is extremely overwhelming sometimes. This will be perfect to de-stress and get my mind on something more "normal". 

I also hung the outdoor string lights around the barn and I cannot freaking wait to get the backyard all spruced up for spring and summer. I'm going to be sharing before and after photos, along with some gardening posts and outdoor fun posts here so stay tuned with that! We've got to get through the rest of these chilly days first... and paint that damn fence white again. LOL. It kills me the previous people let it go like that. I find this home to be such a treasure and I constantly want to be doing something to fix it up and make it happy. 

The kids are wonderful! Patiently counting down the days until they both start school together in the new school year. Our newest activity we love doing together is building a fire and the occasional s'more. I have to be honest, I don't give my kids juice, or candy, and they very rarely get sweets.. but I'm a die hard s'mores fan so I have to let them in on the fun! 

You might have noticed I've also tried some new makeup products, and have changed my routine up a bit. I'll share more on that later. Maddy helped me film a quick tutorial in our weekly vlog that I'll be posting. Before I share that with you, I have to tell you how amazing this Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter is. I put it on top of my foundation, and it's pretty much like magic. I swear it makes me look younger and my makeup looks the best it has in a long time! 

I'm also pretty excited to be adding more home decor posts here. We've been moving right along with furnishing and decorating, and I'm extremely grateful to be working with one of my favorite destinations for all things home. Joss and Main has some of the cutest pieces for great prices. After purchasing our master bedroom dresser, I was hooked and can't stop ordering! Luckily, I was able to collaborate on a new refresh of our living space, so I'll be sharing that soon :) 

On the flip side, just to share that everything is not always rainbows and butterflies as a blogger.. I was supposed to be working with a brand that I really loved and respected for the launch of their kids home line, and it has been one of the worst experiences that I've had as a blogger yet. Disappointing, but things happen and sometimes there are brands that are only interested in treating the big bloggers well, and the smaller bloggers get the shit end of the stick... as if we are less of a human and not as important. Such a shame! 

Speaking of home decor, I flipped our living and dining room. Where I had the dining room before is now the living area, which makes more sense for us because it's more open to the kitchen and less closed off now, plus it's twice the amount of space. 

Besides all of that, everything is so wonderful and I'm excited for all that is to come. Thank you so much for stopping by to read, and support my blog. It truly means the world to me! 


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