So Basic

Not sure if it's obvious yet or not, but I wear a lot of the same items repeatedly. Like, A LOT.  For starters, I reach for this pair of Good American denim 99% of the time. They fit like a glove (size down one size) and do not stretch out. The only reason I would have to wash them is if they are dirty.. which is a plus for me. I hate when my pants stretch out and look saggy in the ass. Not cute.

I also really love my 7 For All Mankind B air denim. I love the fit, black color, and slight distressing. Its not too much, but just enough. The ankle length is also great for booties, flats and sneakers!

I purchased this oversized cardigan back in October or November and wore it SO much. Surprisingly, it has held up really well, and only $69 doll hairs.

This babydoll henley top is a new purchase and quickly became a favorite. I love that it's slightly longer in the back and the material weight is perfect, which means it drapes beautifully! I took my normal size.

I'm going to go ahead and link the rest of my favorite basics in the widget bar below to keep this from becoming a novel!


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My Babies First Snow

Well, I finally got my wish! Chris woke me up early this morning and told me it had really snowed. Half asleep, I rolled over and fell back to sleep. Not long after, it had finally registered what he said, and I leaped out of bed like the inner 6 year old on Christmas morning I am. Ah, you guys! It was SO beautiful. Granted, we didn't get tons of it, but it was fun to see everything covered in a fresh, white blanket! 

We were outside almost all day, in and out of the house as frequently as possible. Too cold, with a frigid wind chill to stay out continuously, so we were in and out of the house just long enough to warm up and head back out. From using the blow dryer to warm the kids little red, frozen hands to making hot soup and snuggling all day... it was the best.

Originally, I had intended to dress up all cute in my faux fur coat and ripped denim, but the lazy hit me and I just wanted my leggings and what would truly keep me warm. #cozygirlforlifey'all 

Much to my surprise, these Frye boots really impressed me today. I obviously bought them for the style, but had no idea they would keep my feet warm, and dry without getting ruined in the snow. Winning. Be sure to size up at least a half size if you need a cute "hiker" style boot!

Anyways, I'm off to cook my famous potatoes and sip some wine. Did you have a snow day today too? Or was it just a regular ole Wednesday?? 


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Swim Too Deep

Potentially photo overload here, but I was LIVING for the sunshine. It was SO beautiful yesterday, so I finally got my ass out of the house (just a few feet from the house but you get it). This has been the sweater of the season, and for good reason. You'll literally live in it!
If you see me out and about, I'm probably wearing this outfit, or something similar just with leggings instead of denim. 

Anyways, I've been extremely inspired by the outdoors as of late, and have been busy planning some fun blog ideas. Do you think Spring fashion would be something interesting to see? I'm totally still bundling up as winter is not yet over, but I'm freaking out over all of the new spring arrivals and craving the summertime here in Georgia. I can't wait to go out on the boat at the lake, and show my babies where I grew up! 

What about you? Are you feeling Spring yet? Or are you still interested in winter fashion?? Let ya girl know! 


Swim Too Deep Pullover (Wearing size small, definitely could have gone with an XS too!)  \\ Mother Denim (I've had these for years and they are still a staple!!)  \\ Rag & Bone hat ( I have both colors and this is my absolute favorite hat I own)  \\ Isabel Marant boots 

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Dining and Living Room Before

Today I wanted to start with our dining room and living area before photos. So you can follow along on the progress, and see all of the changes. Especially with the different seasons and holidays! Don't worry, I'll have kitchen photos next. Our hot water heater is currently frozen, so I can't wash the dirty dishes in the sink LOL. Otherwise, I would have added those into this post as an entire "first floor before". I suppose a Kitchen and laundry room duo will have to be together next time!

I'm obsessed with all of the bright, natural light we have in this home. It gives me more energy, and allows us to skip the lamps during the day. The white walls make me super happy, so I decided to carry that through to the living room. It was a mint/pale/light blue when we moved in. 

I also love how all of my furniture finally "belongs" somewhere. Makes my heart SO happy! 

Dining Room Sources 

Reclaimed Dining Table c/o Joss and Main [ This is a very heavy, and absolutely stunning table! Unsealed so you will need to seal before use or use table cloth when eating!] \\ Dining Chairs  \\ Anthropologie mirror [size XS] \\ Console Table purchased from Home Goods \\ Wood beads purchased from Sugarboo & Co , purchase a similar one online here \\ Bonjour wire script 

Living Room Sources

Coffee Table \\ Lattice Flokati Rug [size 8 x 10] \\ Couch from City Furniture \\ Ikea Farlov chair \\ Home Goods wood side table \\ Ballard Designs lamp \\ Home Goods picture frames \\ Faux fur throw \\ Floral pillow \\ Shag Puff pillows \\ Tray and basket on coffee table both from Home Goods \\ Mirrored media cabinet purchased from Home Goods

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The Cutest Tunic For Winter

Trying to get back into the swing of things here. I was in the haze between Christmas and New years where you don't know what day it is, where you are, or who you are. LOL. I'd like to get organized, too. Our home is quite the disaster if I'm being totally honest. First level? Not bad at all besides the toys that Kai continuously dumps out of the baskets. Remind me to get rid of those by the way.. Kidding. "Let them be little" is what I try and tell myself. Or refer to a glass of wine. That usually does the trick! 

Second floor? All hell has broken loose. We don't have a dresser in our master, and our walk in closet was designed for someone with 3 articles of clothing. No, really. I'm pretty dramatic 99% of the time, but this time I'm being serious. We have to fix that situation, figure out other storage techniques, find Madelyn a dresser and work on her closet, get Kai a bed. Oh yeah, and somehow organize all of the shit. It is EVERYWHERE. I'm realizing very quickly the connection between clutter and unhappiness. I can't think clearly, or find anything. 

I've tried donating. 4 different trucks came to our house in Florida before we moved, and I gave away to my family as much as I could. Still, we are over cluttered. I've got to figure something out. It will be my New Years resolution. To consume less, and If I do make a purchase, I need to get rid of something simultaneously.

Pray for me, y'all. 

This sweater tunic/dress is so flattering! I wore it with jeans, but liked it better with my leggings for this look. But hey, when don't leggings win? The vertical ribbed pleats elongate and slim, while the slightly dropped waist gives a feminine touch. It was 27 degrees when we shot these, and the only thing cold were my hands. I think this tunic will be on repeat this winter since its so great alone or layered. (I'm 5'7 for reference to gauge the length on yourself)

Also, my scarf is 50% off along with all winter accessories right now. It's just as warm as it is beautiful!

Thelma Ribbed Tunic (TTS) // Tassel Knit Scarf \\ Blanqi leggings, similar option here ($29)  and here ($54) Would also look cute with these faux leather leggings \\ Stuart Weitzman boots (The best splurge, I wear mine almost daily)

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Weekend Cable Knit

Ahhh! Finally, I have a moment to sit down and write a new post! It has been NUTS this past month. Moving the week before Christmas really stressed me out, but we got through it and I've never been happier. We absolutely adore where we live, and have spent every single day outside since we moved in. The kids have 2 acres of land to run and play, which makes my heart sing! 

If you can tell from these photos, our backyard has the cutest area complete with a barn that was constructed to look rustic and reclaimed. I'm OBSESSED. I've prayed and prayed and prayed for a little farmhouse, and It's just so crazy how this all happened. So easily and quickly. You know that's God when it's too easy. Everything feels so right and peaceful. 

I've had a blast decorating so far, and can't wait to share more home posts here in the coming weeks. I'm actually thinking of going out of my comfort zone a bit and sharing before photos so you guys can see the progress and help me with decisions! Does that sound like something you'd like to see here? Just let me know :) 

Anyways, I've got cleaning to do, and some errands to run! I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!! 


Goodnight Macaroon sweater currently 30% off \\ Good American denim [I wear these constantly! The absolute best!] (Size down!) \\ J.Crew boots , also love this less expensive option \\ A&F Faux Shearling Lined Parka (On sale!) \\ Ray Ban sunglasses \\ Earrings \\ Lip liner used on entire lip in color "pillow talk" 
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