Brown Spice

I'm pretty sure that little black dot on my shoulder is a bug, which means that little bug was there the whole time Chris was taking these for me... which means THERE WAS A BUG ON ME. I don't know if you know this about me, but I am the crazy lady that runs around the yard wailing like a freak when a bug is on, around, or near me. I've always been that way, and I don't foresee a change LOL.

I love the start of Fall more than anything. Well, I do love me some Christmas and if you've been here for a while you know I am a Christmas fanatic.. but there is something SO magical about Fall. It's so nostalgic. Especially living  back home in Georgia again where I grew up! I can't freaking wait to bring the kids to the mountains, the pumpkin patches and apple picking. We LOVE being outside, and Georgia is absolutely breathtaking in the Fall when the leaves change and the air gets crisp. We have the perfect weather here, but maybe I'm bias ;)

Anyways, I'm totally crushing on this orange/rust color for the new season. I've ordered a lot of this color and also some pretty mustard colored pieces. This particular sweater is super soft and cozy. I love that it's lightweight, so it's perfect for Fall layering! Wear it with dresses, or jeans and a tee or tank like I did here.

This sweater is only $69, and comes in 5 different colors! I have the brown spice, but it looks more orange in these photos from the warm tone edit! I actually love the description color... brown spice.. I'm going to use that for something!

Cardigan \\ Silk tank, similar for less here \\ Denim \\ Leopard boots \\ Chloe bag

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Fall Denim Outfit Idea

Everything that could have gone wrong for me during this collaboration, went wrong and then added some extra! I'm beyond elated to have finished strong and have been blessed to be able to create this content. This is probably my favorite fall outfit to date! After shopping, I arrived home to these gorgeous boots being out of stock online!! NOOO! I ran to them when I saw them in store and knew immediately that I needed them in my life. Don't worry, if you don't live near a Bloomingdales, I'm going to link a few similar options for you down below!

I partnered with Bloomingdales to share Fall outfit inspiration with a pair of my favorite denim for the new season. There are a lot of great trends for Fall, but ultimately I went with a sleek pair of high waisted black denim that are crazy flattering, comfortable, don't stretch out with wear and pair perfectly with boots to flats and even sneakers. Don't you hate having to change jeans for each pair of shoes? Plus, black is so classic and perfect for fall.

You can wear them with a denim shirt and a cute lightweight military style jacket for a layered look like I did here. I can't even begin to explain how ready I am to be able to wear this outfit when the weather cools off a bit more. In the meantime before the weather cools down enough, I LOVE these denim with my leopard cami.

Granted, it depends on wear you live, but the point here is to give inspiration and you can put your own spin on it. These Levis are the best fitting black denim I've ever purchased, and that's pretty great given they also have an incredible price point at under $100!

What is your favorite fall denim trend? Do you love the black denim as much as I do? Let me know girl!

PS: Get FREE SHIPPING with promo code X100DAUAJ4J until 9/5! 

Levi's denim \\ Rails Jacket \\ Rag & Bone hat \\ Denim shirt \\ Marc Fisher boots (purchased in store at Bloomingdales, no longer available online!!) similar option here and here \\

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Back To School

Ah... my favorite time of the year is here! Besides the fact that my BABIES are growing up, I LOVE back to school. Ever since I was a little girl, back to school shopping was my absolute favorite. From the notebooks to the pens, and of course the best part.. CLOTHES. ha ha! Now, I get to experience it all over again, but with my children and I'm obsessed.

First, I have to share that my kids style is more relaxed. I really love the look of a dressed up child, but you can be well dressed while staying comfortable and hello, real life! Madelyn and Kai like to be comfortable, and I like for them to look cute. What mom doesn't?

Today I am sharing a cute back to school look in partnership with one of my favorite shopping destinations, Bloomingdales. It was a one stop shop from shoes, to clothes and even backpacks. I shared a little bit about Maddy's backpack on my Instagram not long ago, and I'm just really impressed with the brand. STATE donates a stocked backpack to a child in need for every purchase. This size is also perfect for pre-school and even elementary age children.

Kai loves these Adidas sneakers, and bonus points for being super easy on and off + really cute! For Madelyn, I couldn't pass up these pink converse. They look great with every outfit so we don't have to worry about multiple shoes to match each outfit.

This camo sweatshirt from Sovereign Code Kids is super soft, and the matching shorts are perfect for right now when its still warm, but cool in the mornings as well as inside the school.

You can check out Bloomingdales back to school lookbook here, and all things for kids here!

Seersucker Heart Print Dress \\ STATE mini metallic backpack \\ Pink Converse

Camo Print sweatshirt \\ Shorts \\ Adidas sneakers

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Menswear Inspired Blazer And Cut Offs

I'm sitting here, watching the laundry dry. LOL. You know, the stuff you can't dry in the dryer because it will die a slow death? Yeah, that laundry. I'm bothered by its existence, but we'll get through it. How have you been? I've felt like shit on a stick the past week, and I still haven't shaken the feeling. I'm told that Mercury is in Retrograde. Capitalizing those words just incase. Can't piss Mercury off anymore, you know.. because MY LIFE FEELS BIZARRE right now.

I felt amazing, and finally normal for a good month, and now here I sit. Bewildered by my disaster of a home. Truly, I'm alright.. but it does feel good to talk about it. Not all the time though, like in the beginning I'd rather be left alone but the way I know I'm almost out of the dark woods is the fact that I want to talk about my feelings. It's intriguing, really. I've always been intrigued by human emotions. Chris is quite the opposite. He much prefers to not talk a bout it. Men.

Anyways, I wanted to write this for myself obviously, and for any of you who are going through a weird patch. It's normal, it's life. Keep your chin up, kitten. I've decided I'm going to order the items I want for Fall, finish reading my current book, Crazy Rich Asians, and relax for the rest of the week. I'm not stressing about Instagram pictures, or the fact that I am non existent on my blog right now, and the fact that I'm dying beneath the laundry and mess of life.


Anine Bing blazer \\ Perfect tank \\ Vintage denim shorts \\ Aquazzura flats \\ Chloe handbag \\ Celine sunglasses \\ Monica Vinader necklace, and Vanessa Mooney necklace

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Summer Giveaway With Ann Taylor

Hi, friends!! Remember when I was sharing a few behind the scenes of blogging and my partnership with Ann Taylor at the mall this past week? Well, I'm super excited that my friends at Ann Taylor are giving away $1,000 shopping spree to one of my lucky readers!! Yes, you read that right. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! I'm so freaking excited for you guys. 

All you have to do to enter is follow Ann Taylor on Instagram!

This little black dress paired with these super comfy and chic cork heels make me SO happy. Wouldn't it be the perfect summer date night look?!

Anyways, good luck with the giveaway, and have a wonderful weekend!


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A Few Snaps From Dinner..

Hugely informal post today, y'all. We went to dinner for Christopher's birthday last night, and I fell asleep before I could post the Instagram photo of my outfit... and then I waited all morning before I got busy and again forgot. Thus, here we are :) lol! 

Anyways, I love this romper from Rebecca Taylor! Its super cute, and is the first romper since high school that I've liked and has actually fit me right! Bonus points because it has pockets and I can see myself wearing this to a Braves game with converse and a cute baseball hat. Shoot, we need to do that soon. 

If these shots look a little blue, I'm not advanced enough in editing and the sky was wicked cool last night with bright pink and blue, casting a weird light. I suppose this informal post goes well with the informal, iPhone shots. Sorry, I promise better next time! I hope you guys are having a great week so far, I'm going to finish the laundry (kidding, that shit is never finished)! 


Rebecca Taylor romper \\ Tory Burch sandals \\ Chloe Faye Backpack \\ Gucci sunglasses \\ Monica Vinader necklace and pendant \ Michele watch \\ Monica Vinader bracelet

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